How to take care of your lawn throughout the year

If you are a homeowner and you have a lawn to take care of, it’s important to know how to take care of the lawn and keep it on the best possible condition throughout the year. When you go out on a vacation or in the springtime, winter, it’s really a hard thing to keep the lawn to a tip-top looking. In this article, I will get you some ideas with which you can take care of your lawn throughout the year regardless of what season or time it is.

Getting ready and taking care of your lawn

When you plan to get a lawn beautiful look, you need to plan it with care. How would you like it to be, how beautiful you want it to be? If you aren’t so experienced about taking care of a lawn, or if your lawn is just too big to care or handle alone, you can also hire a lawn care service. 

The first thing you will have to do is getting the soil ready and seeding. This could be a bit of hard work, But using some Lawn Tool can help you a big time her. First, Loosen the soil and make sure the depth is about 3-4 inches [reference]. You can use a small tiller/Cultivator in the process. Rake the whole lawn with your hand after loosening the soil. 

Now start the seeding on the area you raked before, you can use a spreader to do the job fast. Now do some brimming over the seed in order to mix up the soil and seed and Mulch over the soil where you’ve seeded with straw. The amount of the seeds should be 5 lbs per 1000 square feet. After a week or so, you’ll start seeing the grass coming up and the lawn will start to be green.

Weed control and fertilizing

In order to keep your lawn more green and while the grass is still growing up and their roots aren’t so strong to survive any harsh situation, you need to keep the whole lawn weed-free. you can hire an agency or do it yourself, just Make sure you get some lawn tools to get the job done if you are doing it yourself. 

Now on a seasonal basis, you must fertilize your lawn and monitor the health of the soil of your lawn. Fertilizers lose the micronutrient over time and change in the pH may occur. So you have to give them good fertilization for a better soil of the lawn. 

Take care of your lawn at Spring or on a vacation

When it’s springtime, or going on a vacation, you have to take better care of your lawn and the process is almost the same. so, when the spring is coming,  tune up the mower, oil it, make it as efficient as possible. Repair the bare spots in your lawn. Avoid mowing until the grass area at least 2 inches long. Prevent weeds in the northern and southern lawns and feed the grass so they grow higher. Now mow them keeping them long about 3-4 inches. 

Final thought

Make sure you get enough lawn caring tools in order to take care of your lawn with the most efficiency and to save time if you don’t hire any lawn care service who comes with all the caregiving tools of their own.